If you want to experience great food that’s tasteful and diverse, check out Janya Thai Delight today!

Thai Food

Thai Food | Janya Thai Delight - Red Bluff, CA

Thai food is gaining in popularity amongst the community of Red Bluff, CA, thanks to Janya Thai Delight for introducing the distinctive and bold tastes...

Thai Food Take Out

Thai Food Take Out | Janya Thai Delight - Red Bluff, CA

There comes a time when our busy schedules don’t allow us enough time to cook our families a nutritious meal. And it’s easy to fall in the trap of...

House Pad Thai

House Pad Thai | Janya Thai Delight - Red Bluff, CA

Treat your family with a scrumptious meal from Janya Thai Delight this evening. The community of Red Bluff, CA has made us their number one choice in...


Welcome To Janya Thai Delight

Our Thai menu offers a variety of choices that are pleasing for all taste buds. We have everything from appetizers to a full course meal and everything in between. Complete your meal with one of our exotic desserts. We prepare our food with the finest of fresh ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else.

Janya Thai Delight is known for pleasing our customers. We make sure your dining experience is exceptional. We always greet our customers with a friendly smile. Feel relaxed in our spacious dining area with comfortable seating for the entire family. Smell the wonderful aroma of Thai cuisine when you walk through our doors!

If you want to impress your family or friends with an elegant and unique meal without breaking the bank, then Janya Thai Delight is the place to bring them.

We use only quality foods and ingredients. We are the place to come to for expensive taste on an affordable budget.

Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or mild, Janya Thai Delight can accommodate your cravings. We offer even the spiciest of foods for those who dare to try. For those on the milder side, we serve that as well.

Dense textures, strong flavors, and colorful food is what is waiting for you at Janya Thai Delight. Offering your favorite foods cooked to perfection. Experience authentic Thai cuisine that’ll have you coming back for seconds. Call ahead for take-out food or just stop by. We are waiting to serve you!